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Hello, I'm Brandon Cornell and I collect computers. I have a degree in Software Engineering from Clarkson University.

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I first started programming in BASIC, and found GUIs.


My personal GUI Project is Fun500. Although there has not been a release in a few years, I work on it from time to time.

The GUI Blog

I've been admin at The GUI Blog for a number of years. It's one of the few BASIC sites that still active (relatively).



In 2008, I released a Puplet starting with a stripped down copy of Puppy Linux. I added a few popular packages (namely, XFCE) and remastered the system into an ISO I called DCL 2008.


In the time since 2008, I have used various different distributions. They almost always are Debian based, I prefer APT-GET because as a long time dial-up user, not having to update all packages to install a new one was very convenient and Debian based distros are often easier to get into. I like Linux Mint Debian for machines which I set up for other people. On my own machines, I used Crunchbang until it was abandoned. Since then I've been running Linux Mint.


Operating Systems

Haiku-modern clone of BeOS, although it is not perfect I have hope for it's future.
KolibriOS-very fast and interesting OS written in x86 Assembly.
DSL-small (50MB) linux Distro that will run on anything. Although fairly outdated now, it's still one of my favorites.


CRCS Outdoors-Program that takes students on hunting trips. I was their webmaster for a number of years.
Jalopnik-Great blog about automobiles
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Computer Photos

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Minecraft Server Tips

Scheduling Tasks

cron is the background task on Linux boxes which you can use to schedule tasks.
crontab -e allows you to edit the configuration and add new events. See Wikipedia for more information on cron.

Dated Backups

First you need to make a script and make it executable, and add it to crontab. In the script:
mkdir ~/daily/$(date +%m%d%Y)
cp -r /server_path ~/daily/$(date +%m%d%Y)

This will make a folder in the "daily" subdirectory of your home folder which is dated.

Map Generation

Another task that can be added to crontab is Overviewer
overviewer.py --rendermodes=smooth-lighting /world_directory /output_directory

After running this, if you point a web browser to the output directory you'll get a map of your server like the one this site.